Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

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Fishman Lobster Clubhouse aka FLC, is located among those plazas along Silver Star Boulevard (near Pacific Mall). I have always craved to try this place, especially always seeing photos of moutains full of lobster and crab meat! Finally accomplished and proud!

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Entering the place, nothing was too appealing except for its fish tanks full of crabs and lobsters surrounding the restaurant in 360 degrees. Make note of the loud Chinese crowds, which we eventually became part of too! I came with a party of six and shared the king crab and lobster dinner set for four. As a girl, the total portion was good to fill all our stomachs. Every dish was served really quick too and overall service was great. The waitresses were changing our plates (full of shells) every now and then as it fills up. Each table was also provided with a box of one-use gloves if you’re the type that doesn’t want to get your hands dirty lol.

We ordered the following King Crab and Lobster Dinner (Set for 4) at $288:

  • Special daily soup
  • King crab 6lbs in three courses
  • Lobster in Hong Kong style 4lbs (避風塘) with 白飯魚
  • Sauteed king mushroom and snow pea tips
  • Supreme sweet soup (糖水)

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First came the daily soup. It was a creamy corn soup with egg white (chinese style) – fairly light and good before the gobbling showdown of crabs and lobsters! Next came the main entrees in which they have showed us prior to cooking. Our 6lb king crab looked huge with super long legs! Likewise, the 4lb lobster was quite active (more or less struggling to survive).

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The king crab meal was served into three dishes: steamed crab meat with egg white and salted egg, fried crab legs with dry garlic, and fried rice with dry scallop in a shell. I had to say the steamed crab meat was super delicious! Because it was steamed, you can taste the freshness of the crab as well as its pure flavor without being overwhelmed by other ingredients.

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As for the other part of the meal that consisted of fried crab legs with dry garlic, it was just as good and the presentation of the dish was super well done (see left photo above). The crab legs were stacked up like a Jenga tower. All the crab legs tasted yummy, except it does take some patience to eat. You need to break those leg shells with your teeth! RAWR.

Nevertheless, my favourite dish still had to be the fried lobster meat cooked in the Hong Kong style method (see right photo above). Similar to the dry garlic, they deep fried the little fishes 白飯魚 as well. That part of it made everything super awesome and mouth-watering (even typing this I am reminiscing the taste of it). Most importantly, the lobster chunks and pieces were chewy yet soft. I didn’t actually find it as salty as some past restaurant-goers mentioned. It’s more the shell and dry fishes that added flavour, mhmm!

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This other dish part of the three was more plain. It was fried rice with dry scallop under (I must say) an empty crab shell. To make it more flavourful, our top-notch food crew literally mixed the leftover dry garlic, dry fishes, salted egg and steamed crab meat sauce all together with the rice. It turned out to be very delicious!

Lastly, their dessert was served as complimentary to our meal – that’s usually how Chinese restaurants roll. It was my first time trying cashew-made sweet soup. Definitely very interesting yet soothing to the taste buds. The flavour isn’t strong but it’s carried out as a pleasant treat after a filling meal, easing out the entrees – simple and tasty.

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Look at us, we are such a happy bunch! Our heads look so small compared with the lobster and crabs haha. Anyway, FLC is definitely worth visiting again and would highly recommend it if you love seafood. Keep in mind it is an expensive restaurant and you gotta know your own budget, but you’d get your worth out of the lobster and king crab.

Store Location: 680 Silver Star Boulevard, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4S5 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5
Food Quality: 5/5

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