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Tsujiri Review, Matcha Desserts You Can Taste Without Visiting Japan

Tsujiri Review, Matcha Desserts You Can Taste Without Visiting Japan

When I first visited Tsujiri, it was the newest matcha dessert spot inΒ downtown Toronto, located just one street down from the famous Uncle Tetsu cheesecake stores. It’s been awhile since they brought this chain over from Japan, but I will definitely say my town is getting more and more trendyΒ with every new foreign store that pops up.

My boyfriend and I were wanted to grab some green tea ice cream from Uncle Tetsu’s matcha store. But seeing the unexpected huge line, we decided to give Tsujiri a try. Like all new spots that get featured on BlogTO, Tsujiri has a line up no doubt. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought – around 30 minutes.

Tsujiri’s menu is quite big for a dessert store serving from coffee to sundaes. Yet you will also realize many items are 90% exact to the next one. In the end, weΒ ordered the Tsujiri shaved ice and Shiratama sundae. Both were very similar in ingredients but super delicious!

TsujiriΒ Shaved Ice: had ice cream mixed within the filling as you eat your way down. It also comes along with matcha ice cream on top and mochi balls on the side.

Shiratama Sundae: this had the same ingredients as the shaved ice but the entire matcha dessert is ice cream mixed with red bean paste and red bean bits in the filling (whereas the shaved ice doesn’t have the bits).

Tsujiri definitely puts a strong matcha taste to their desserts and the aroma is simply awesome. The flavour hits you right away on the first bite. It’s rare to find something as close to their green tea flavour. I think the closest would be Tendou’s matcha cones in Markham.

Photo 2016-03-27, 5 27 44 PM

Tsujiri is definitely a recommended restaurant, but make sure you are comfortable with spending approx. $8 for each of their menu items. It’s expensive and I personally wouldn’t go all the time.

As for the store atmosphere, it’s a tight space that includes both the dessert assembly line, tables, and line up. Seating is very limited to only three two-person side tables and one big tatami table at the far end of Tsujiri. I was happy we managed to snatch a table πŸ™‚

Next time, I want to try their O-Matcha macaron!

Store Location:Β 147 Dundas Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1P5 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5

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