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St. Germain’s Steakhouse Review, Dining Topnotch Before The Next Show

St. Germain’s Steakhouse Review, Dining Topnotch Before The Next Show

St. Germain’s Steakhouse is one of the best dining locations at Casino Rama in Ontario if you ever visit the area. Casino Rama is definitely far from Toronto and takes a few hours drive to reach. But the few times I went was quite memorable, especially for the Bill Maher comedian show and the Boyz II Men concert!

Keep in mind this blog post describes food I’ve tried on multiple visits and interestingly, the photos also defers between a mobile phone vs. my Canon DSLR – though I’m sure you’ll be able to tell the differences right away.


The restaurant is very elegant and stylish in both its design and decor. It has that wooden style with a classic touch. Moreover, the place is quite large and seating areas were very comfortable whether its at the standard dining tables or in a booth. A cool part is that their kitchen is at the center of the restaurant with a semi-open style. You can occasionally see the stove flames! In addition, the noise level at St. Germain’s is moderate and not very loud either. Their service is definitely great and everything was served properly with good manners.

Starters & Appetizers

Lobster bisque ($13): For one of the appetizers, I got to try their the lobster bisque that was really delicious and authentic as it consisted of actual lobster meat and seafood inside. The soup base was quite thick with a rich taste cooked with brandy, crème fraîche and chives. However, I thought it could also be more rich in flavour while less viscous in texture . No photo provided sorry!


Black and Blue Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna ($17): This tuna was amazingly good! Alongside the tuna are crispy shitake mushrooms, watercress, mango lime relish and spicy horseradish aioli to accompany. The tuna was sauteed really well while the outer layer/skin was peppered. It’s softness in the meat literally melted in my mouth, yet it still had sort of a chewy taste. The side sauces also balanced the tuna out nicely.


Seared Diver Scallops ($16): These jumbo scallops were huge and grilled well. Similar to the tuna, they sauteed it deliciously and it was cooked just at the right duration with the outer layer crunchy and inside texture bouncy and fresh. If scallops aren’t fully cooked, it would turn out hard and dry – ruined either way. Making the dish interesting, they plated the scallops over some Spanish chorizo sausage, roasted sweet corn, charred tomato coulis and sprinkles of chive oil.


Tiger Shrimp: Not too many shrimps to savour in this dish and divide up. However, the tiger shrimps were big and chewy, and I must say the sauce was what made it special and delicious. It has a kick of herbs and tomato, at the same time a dense seafood flavour.



Atlantic Lobster Tail 6oz ($18): This would be a side order for a taste of lobster freshly sprinkled with lemon.


St. Germain’s Signature Parmesan Chips ($8): Freshly cooked/baked potato chips mixed with white truffle oil and shaved Reggiano cheese on top. I found this starter not very original. Although it tasted good when you eat the chips with sprinkles of cheese, but otherwise the chips alone wasn’t too special. Maybe it’s me but I don’t like unflavoured things (eg. Lays Original) – yes I’m weird haha. Despite the taste, I have to admit cooked chips is definitely a healthier option!

Mains and Entrees

Oven Roasted Ontario Rack of Lamb ($45): Shown as the featured blog image within this post , this dish looked very appetizing but didn’t have a chance to taste personally (not my entree). This dish was accompanied with warm squash, an apple and savoy cabbage salad, and a coriander and mint pesto.


Beef Tenderloin 8oz ($35): One of the best steaks and most precisely cooked to medium rare that I’ve had! The meat was tender and tasted great with the crispy onion on top and mashed potatoes on the side covered with sauce. You gotta admit those fried onion things are awesome! I was amazed the potatoes were quite flavorful as well. But too bad by the point entree came, I was already semi-full from all the yummy appetizers mentioned above (scallops, shrimp, tuna).


Ribeye Special 18oz ($38): Cooked at medium rare, the steak was topped with veggies (such as peppers and asparagus) and layered over some mashed potatoes. This tasted almost just as good as my tenderloin even though I had only one bite.



Above are some of the other entrees that had been ordered including another set of grilled lamp chops and lobster.

Desserts and Drinks


Cup of Cappuccino and a Glass of Water: I enjoyed the smooth taste of its cappuccino and how they provided a small biscuit and a stick of sugar on the side. Apparently their hot chocolate is really good too if that’s more your taste. The latter photo illustrates their standard table water with a slice of lemon.


Cappuccino Crème Brûlée ($10): This was a nice dessert treat but not the best creme brulee. The top layer was torched slightly more than needed as you can taste the burnt flavour. However, the brulee inside was very smooth and not too sweet. It did make up of crisp meringue and chocolate biscotti.


I don’t exactly recall what this above was called but it wasn’t as delicious. This dessert came with honey ice cream and a raspberry-flavoured scone or tart that tasted quite sweet. As you can see, there was also strawberries and berries on the side.

Definitely try out St. Germain’s if you are around the area! They serve really good seafood and steaks if you are willing to pay for its price:)

Store Location: 5899 Rama Road, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 5/5
Customer Service: 4.5/5
Food Quality: 4.5/5

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