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Nana Review, The Thai Sister Of Khao San

Nana Review, The Thai Sister Of Khao San

Nana is known to be the sister restaurant of Khao San Road (one of my downtown favs). Their location is around 5-10mins walk from the nearest subway station. From the outside, you wouldn’t notice it among all the other stores along the street. We almost missed the entrance as Nana’s restaurant name was very discreet and small. If you see something that looks Thai-related, head right in!

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 23 13 PM

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 23 01 PM

Nana apparently only take reservations made 24 hours prior. Because of that, I came as a group of six without reservations on a Friday night. The first time around, we waited for an hour and still no table was available (partial reason was the requirement that the entire party must be there to be seated). We gave up and went to Lisa Marie nearby instead. Second time around, the wait was still bearable and we ended up getting seated in an hour (again).

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 27 14 PM

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 27 35 PM

Based on restaurant size, Nana is much smaller than its sister yet more hipster-looking. They have that Asian 大排擋 (dai pai dong) layout where the chairs are colourful, round and plastic. The walls are also covered in retro posters and artworks that are simply abstract. As a customer, you’d be confined to eating in a tight space elbow to elbow with your buddies – just make sure you aren’t claustrophobic. Nice of them, they even offer a coat rack for jackets since the tables may not have enough room.

Note: there are a few hooks underneath the table for handbags!

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 23 20 PM

As the menu is pretty simple and limited in food selection, majority of us ordered the same dishes including: khao soi kai, mi ga ti moo, and khao pad pong kra ree.

Khao Soi Kai: Shown within the featured image of this blog post. For myself, I tried their khao soi. It’s an egg noodle dish mixed in golden curry coconut broth. It comes with few slices of crispy dark meat chicken cutlets on the side topped with cilantro, bean sprouts, onion, and a slice of lime. Although I couldn’t really tell what else lies within the bowl, I felt they didn’t provide enough noodles to be entirely full. Nevertheless, the sauce was just right – not too sweet nor too spicy. The soup base wasn’t thick either, which didn’t make me thirsty or feel weird afterwards (I’ve had bad experiences before, trust me).

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 51 48 PM

Mi Ga Ti Moo: the texture and visualization is quite similar to the Khao Soi Kai, but its soup base is definitely much sweeter. If you want something towards the sweeter side, this is a good choice. This dish apparently uses thin rice noodles mixed with red curry, coconut, bean sprouts, tofu and sweet basil which perhaps gave it the sweeter flavour.

Photo 2015-11-20, 7 52 30 PM

Khao Pad Pong Kra Ree: this is basically yellow curry fried rice with coconut (chicken choice of meat). On top of its typical fried rice mixed in curry and coconut sauce, it also includes tomatoes, cilantro, and fried shallots. If you like fried rice and enjoy a mildly spiced (tasted almost no spice) dish, this is a good recommendation to bring flavour into your meal.

Commenting on service, it was mediocre as our water wasn’t always refilled given the spicy dishes. I also find the seat spacing more squishy and it would be tough during winter to put everything down (coats, bags). Near the end of the meal, they were pretty quick to rush us with the bill as our table is cleared as well. Overall its not much of a service yet they charge an automatic 18% gratuity on top of your bill. All in all, I wasn’t too amazed by its food and service. I find that Nana’s food is a bit too expensive for its value.

Store Location: 785 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1G1 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 3/5
Food Quality: 4/5

ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small2

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