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Matcha Tea & Dessert Review, A Brewed Series with Cake

Matcha Tea & Dessert Review, A Brewed Series with Cake

Before Matcha Tea & Dessert finished its renovations and store setup, I was eating around the block and got excited knowing its close to grand opening! Think about it, a store named after Matcha would definitely serve matcha and green tea foods – it can totally satisfy my cravings.

Within Matcha, its store decor was simple and had seating at the back off their restaurant. The seats consist of three small square tables on one side like Tsujiri as well as four longer rectangular tables similar to Chatime. The down side about those small tables is that it lacks leg and feet room between two people. Other than that, Matcha atmosphere and music was pleasant.

matcha seating

matcha menu

Just yesterday, my boyfriend and I had the chance to check this spot out. Its signage at night is somewhat difficult to spot, but they do have a leaf symbol projected onto the ground near the entrance. Not knowing what to expect, we had to step aside and take a moment to look through all the drinks and dessert. The restaurant was not busy and almost empty, so we had no rush either.

Noticeably, half the food menu was covered away and not available. Only the drinks and ice cream, and maybe two flavour of cakes can be ordered. Having read multiple Yelp reviews while deciding on what to order, I can understand why it has such a poor rating even when this place is brand new. But from my working experience, I rather think this is all due to poor management of customer experience and branding. First off, their store name is Matcha. That speaks bluntly to customers you serve matcha items and you should be good at it. Secondly, putting things up on their menu that you cannot sell, is a big no. It’s setting your customer expectation and standard/bar higher than normal. My suggestion would be to remove it until they actually have the item rather than leaving it on.

matcha drinks

Despite all the negative Yelp reviews, I still decided to try their items and judge for myself. Thus, we ordered the Ujicha (hot) and Matcha Cheese Foam (cold) – both recommended picks of Matcha.

Matcha Cheese Foam ($5.95): had a good taste of matcha and that slight texture of powder when it’s more authentic in its ingredients. However, I can tell the overall flavour still tasted watered down. As for the cheese part, I couldn’t taste any different until I got to the bottom. It tasted more like cheesecake than cheese.

Ujicha ($5.95): On the other hand for Ujicha, I would give a similar feedback. It’s nice that there was the matcha aroma.. but in a sense, it seemed weak and watered down as well. Ujicha’s general taste is like the hot version of Matcha Cheese Foam.

When we sat down, the staff came over and handed out a new matcha tarte they were planning to sell. That was nice of them and good customer service! However, if I were to comment on the cake, the flavour was there and balanced out with the base yet the tarte texture was dry itself.

I would say Matcha is relatively pricey for the quality and price paid on these drinks. Because at the end of the day, I can get better variety and matcha-flavoured tea in other dessert stores across Toronto and GTA. Nevertheless, its a good location to relax and even play board or card games.

P.S. Matcha hired mandarin-speaking employees, so I highly think they are Chinese-owned instead of having a Japanese background.

Store Location: 407 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5T 2G6 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 3/5
Food Quality: 2/5

ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small2

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