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Kinton Ramen Review, Where Super Bowler Status Happens

Kinton Ramen Review, Where Super Bowler Status Happens

If you’re hungry, craving Japanese ramen and around the AGO / Nathan Phillips Square area, go check out Kinton! Up until now, I have visited the restaurant multiple times, I even became a Kinton Bowler once (one who finishes the entire bowl of ramen including the soup base)!

Kinton 01

Kinton 02

My initial visit was on a Sunday around 6pm. There was no line-up even though the store was petite with limited seating. The seats itself were small without a back, but customers are still able to place small items in a hole under the chair or able to hang your coats on the rack near the entrance. The service at most Japanese ramen restaurants – Kinton inclusive – are always welcoming, especially with their loud greetings and farewells. Food was also served fairly quickly without having to wait too long. We ordered the Miso Ramen with pork belly in a rich soup base and the Cheese Ramen with everything else identical.

Giving a first impression, the portions were great. It was double of the sizes offered at Santouka. As for their pork belly, it was tasty with fatty and thin textures well-balanced in the meat. Recalling that I requested the soup base to be rich, it wasn’t as flavourful and original as I thought. However, the noodle texture was good and somewhat chewy. Its thickness was decent and the meal overall was quite filling for the price we paid for. Our bill totaled approximately $27 including tips and tax.

P.S. if you are a cheese fan, then try the Cheese Ramen – it’s quite good too with cheese melted everywhere!

Kinton 05

The Cheese Ramen has its own unique flavour (comes with pork belly as well). I generally mix the cheese under the noodles and use my chopsticks to slightly spread it out, this enables the cheese to not bunch up together while it melts with the noodles. Keep in mind the cheese has a slightly salted flavour, so it also adds to your overall soup base aroma.

My second visit was fairly similar, but noticed that they have added a special menu. I ordered the same Miso Ramen with a combo for only $12.70 which includes a bowl of tuna rice and a drink of my choice. I went with Nestea to refresh myself:)

Kinton 03

The tuna on the rice was actually cold, which I didn’t expect. It was quite tasty with rice but probably served like a cold appetizer. Can you imagine how full I was to slurp the entire bowl of ramen and drink to the last drop? Nevertheless, I’m proud of my achievement and even got an Instagram snap! Super Bowler status FTW! Note: I only accomplished this once among many visits haha.

In terms of pricing, my second visit came out to be approximately $30 for two people compared to the $27 before. For only $3 more, you can make your meal a combo and get super bloated – it’s not too bad of a deal at all!

Store Location: 51 Baldwin Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1Y9 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 4.5/5
Food Quality: 4/5

ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small

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