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Kekou Review, Asian Style Gelato Made Fresh

Kekou Review, Asian Style Gelato Made Fresh

Kekou has been one of my favourite and top gelato pick in Toronto! Since the first time, my taste buds have already been amazed and captivated by the cool yet quirky flavours they sell.

There are a few locations downtown but I’ve only been to the Spadina store. It’s small inside and can only house four small tables. Thus, don’t walk in expecting some out-of-this-world decor. I have to admit it looks pretty bare and plain but who cares, it’s the gelato that matters!




Kekou’s customer experience is quite enjoyable simply because you can taste test every flavour until you mind is set (without the staff grunting). Plus, the staff were willing to introduce and provide good suggestions. Apart from gelato, they also serve a variety of tea brewed from tea leaves – which I haven’t tried and cannot comment on.


I said quirky earlier, and yes I sure did. Their flavours are super Asian and exotic, which includes popular choices like Vietnamese coffee, HK milk tea, durian, mango, and few more. It doesn’t get boring either as their flavours change every so often.


Personally, my favourites do align with Kekou’s popular picks (those heart-shaped ones). I’m still loyal to both the HK Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee gelato. Similarly, they are rich and strong in flavour and still carries out that smooth gelato sorbet-like texture. Hands down Kekou has the coolest gelato!


Additionally, I’ve tried Mango and it almost mimics the real mango flavour and same goes for durian (if you can take it). Other ones I’ve also tasted include Tsingtao Peach, Chinese 24 Herb, and Soursop. They were very unique in its own way. Example: Chinese 24 Herb doesn’t taste bitter but it has a slight kick, whereas Tsingtao Peach draws a hint of alcohol (won’t get you drunk). All were so good and it’s always such a difficult choice to make every time I walk into the store πŸ˜›

Remember to get a stamp every time you visit Kekou. They offer a paper loyalty stamp card where you get a stamp for every purchase. If you forgot your card, they give you a new one and it’s combinable with any other.

Note: Recently Kekou changed their pricing structure. Customers used to be able to pick two flavours for a small cup which they fill to the max. Now the sizes vary by scoops: 1 scoop for small, 2 scoops for medium, and 3 scoops for large cup. They probably realized this makes better money and profits more in the long run.

Kekou being delicious and my favourite gelato spot, I would love to know what other flavours you guys noticedΒ and how you thought of it!? Feel free to leave me comments.

Store Location:Β 394 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A6Β (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3/5
Customer Service: 4.5/5
Food Quality: 4.5/5

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