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Cha Me Cha Review, Serving Shaved Ice That Melts Like Snowflakes

Cha Me Cha Review, Serving Shaved Ice That Melts Like Snowflakes

Time for dessert! This is one place I enjoy going if you suddenly crave something cold! Their store specialty is snow ice sprinkled with juice bubbles and syrup. To this date, I’ve only visited Cha Me Cha twice and ate two different flavours of snow ice alongside other hot snacks. Also, this restaurant may be slightly more difficult to locate as it’s inside the newer T&T supermarket plaza/mall. The best location to park is near the end zones within the parking lot.

Cha Me Cha 01

Cha Me Cha 03

Walking inside, you will see an open kitchen-type concept with the sitting area mostly wooden and couched-themed. The walls were more or so bare and not decorated.

P.S. their seating is so-so, the chairs were slightly small especially if you weren’t served to the couch tables.

On the service side, one of the key things I disliked when ordering was the fact they asked for a minimum order policy of one item per person. My friends and I just had dinner and was coming here only for the snow ice as dessert, but we ended up having to order three menu items. As you can imagine – super bloated afterwards!! Apparently, the second time I visited Cha Me Cha, the waiter didn’t enforce that rule.

Cha Me Cha 05

Cha Me Cha 06

The three food items we ordered included: the Snow White (milk snow ice), popcorn / crispy chicken, and the sweet milk custard brick toast.

Surprisingly, the hot food came first – not sure if it was intentional or unintentional but it was the right move:) First was the toast served on a wooden cheese cutting board. It was nothing special although still being thick and moist from butter. It didn’t have a strong flavour overall though I know my taste buds love stronger scents.

Next up was the popcorn/cripsy chicken (shown as this post’s featured image)! Hot hot and hot, it tasted pretty good! I love popcorn chicken freshly fried too. You can tell that it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. However, it could be a bit more softer (only comparing it with legit Taiwanese crispy chicken that I once had).

The snow ice, on the other hand, was delicious! The milk taste was there but not too overpowering – it was subtle and just right for its large quantity. I really liked the juice bubbles too and it actually gave the snow ice more taste in comparison. All in all, the milk snow ice was really smooth as if there’s a lot of air in between. Every bite literally melts in your mouth.. not like ice cream but not like shaved/blended ice either.

What’s funny and weird is that we saw almost every table ordering the green tea flavored snow ice – seems like the most popular option! I tried ordering mango or green tea snow ice the second time visiting, but both were sold out.. boo! Perhaps next time I’ll be more lucky haha. To be exact, the only reason green tea wasn’t chosen initially was because earlier that day, our stomachs were already was filled with taro, mango, and green tea bubble teas (didn’t want to repeat flavours).

To sum up, the food at Cha Me Cha were delicious and served fast. For three filling items, the bill only came out to only be $7 per person (3 people total). As for the service, it was alright – nothing too surprisingly outstanding and it varies. The second visit I had, the only order of snow ice was missed. Not sure if they forgot or was too slow at making it, but it only came out after we spoke to the waiter 30 minutes later.

Store Location: Suite 1078, 8333 Kennedy Road, Markham, Ontario L3R 1J5 (Canada)

Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Customer Service: 3.5/5
Food Quality: 4/5

ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small ratingsmile-small2

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