ESC-IT: Bedroom Nightmare

Room accommodation: 2-5 people
JW suggested number of players: 4
Total number of rooms: 1
Time: 45mins

Price: $20 (Mon-Thurs), $25 (Fri-Sun)
Social Media discount: 20% off (Facebook check-in) and 20% off (cash payment)

Address: 5051 Highway 7, Unit 10 & 11, Markham, ON L3R 1N3, Canada
Phone: 905-604-3948


Read at your own risk, spoilers may be included.

Room Overview:

*Based on Official Web Descriptions*

You woke up on an ordinary day; dressed, grabbed your things and you were ready to get washed. But just as you were about to head to the bathroom for a quick wash of the face, the door wouldn’t open. You could not recollect why you even locked the door or when you locked it. In an attempt to rush to school without being late, you discover a whole new truth.

Escape Location & Customer Service (8.5/10):

ESC-IT was the first ever real-life escape room that I visited when this trend started. I would definitely also give them credit to being one of the first places in Toronto to introduce this type of game. The downside to ESC-IT, however, is they have never really improved much since the beginning. Back then, customers would not have any comparison or benchmark. Now, escape rooms are popping up everywhere and if you play enough, you’ll know what is a well-designed escape room and what is not.

ESC-IT is located in Markham at one of the commercial lots along Highway 7. Entering the building unit, you will find a roomy hall and wall stuck with Polaroid photos of the escapees (win or lose), and the top escape teams by room and time.

Those who ran the place were kind and friendly. Note the staffs’ spoken English were fluent too because I feel having someone tell the background story in broken English, would take away part of my escape room experience. Overall, there’s not much of a story behind this room, where it’s pretty much you being trapped inside a bedroom and trying to find your way out.

Room Creativity & Design (6/10):

Reminder it’s one of the first escape room locations popping up, so props and puzzles are not as advanced, techie and well-scoped out. Everything is simple. You can tell the puzzles are very handmade and not expensive to put together. This escape room is just four white walls with minimal decor (items related to escaping). Long time ago, I wouldn’t have minded since I’m already delighted by the birth of real-life problem solving rooms. Now, it’s a different story.

Puzzle Design (7.5/10):

Bedroom nightmare doesn’t have tech-based puzzles nor are they on the next level, but it does take some brain power and time to figure them out. Moreover, the room is not linear, so my suggestion of four people includes everyone working on different puzzles at the same time.

One particular puzzle required more time than any other to finish, which was my group’s main reason of being trapped – mission failed. The others were relatively straight forward and does not really require any connection to other items around the room.

Overall (7/10):

As ESC-IT is the first escape room I ever played, it was pretty interesting and cool. However, as my opinion stands today, I would say it’s not the best choice if you are looking for good immersion. It lacks the effort that some other places put into their rooms and puzzle ideas.

Nevertheless, this place is still a good escape room to start out as a beginner, especially for the cheap price they now charge with 40% additional discount. I don’t think any other location is as high as them.

Visited: February 2014

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