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March 27, 2016 – Lined up and got to taste Tsujiri’s matcha desserts, that new Japanese ice cream restaurant in downtown Toronto.

March 30, 2016 – Managed to recover from major jet lag and some type of stomach disease after a two-weeks vacation to Japan.

March 31, 2016 – This website officially has a home landing page instead of saying WIP!

April 18, 2016 – The Escape Room sub-page under Lifestyle has been launched.

June 21, 2016 – Back from Vegas, the city that never sleeps!

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Pig out for long weekend! 🐷 The funny thing is that of all the days downtown, it never occurred to me to eat @ogchimneys outside of Evergreen Brick Works. Gotta admit this cone can be super addictive and eat it every day.
Featured is the Tiramisu Chimney Cone, one of the popular signature cones. If you prefer to customize your cone, that's also available. You can totally taste the tiramisu flavour with some chunks of lady fingers inside. The cone itself was definitely great too! I saw some people just walk in to buy the cone.
#CNE food and games run of 2017. This year i wouldn't say there's too many super weird or crazy food. Helped tone down my splurge.
Featured is the cheese curds from @thekingofcurds food stall that's just outside the main food hall. The curds were tasty and you get to choose one of four sauce dips. The best curds are those with lots of CHEESE 😊
When a bubble tea place makes their own tapioca, that's what I'd call LEGIT. This place @onezotapioca is brand new and worth a visit! #madefromscratch #bbt
Featured is the Mango Niuniu Smoothie (left) that tastes like you're eating mango itself, and Honey Lemon with One Zo mixed tapioca (right) thats refreshing yet delicious.
Among the busy streets of Toronto and business district core, I've noticed @marchetoronto as the place for everyone. Suited individuals, families, tourists, casual customers. We all hit this restaurant. Perhaps it's the variety of pick-your-own food that everyone loves or maybe the convenience of just swiping a card.
Featuring ravioli pasta mix and match! Of course with shrimp and my needed veggies of zucchini and peppers.
Cottage life. Them hotdogs, burgers and buns, steak and ribs, ramen, and of course.. alcohol. #cottagemeals #summer
It's never too sweet to pay @nadegetoronto a visit and order some of their deliciously well-made macarons!
Featured in this photo is a box of six macarons flavoured matcha raspberry, pistachio, cappuccino, rose, champagne, and cotton candy.
Valentine's may not seem to be special for many (single or in a relationship), but it's an excuse to eat more delicious food:P 🍰🍵 Nevertheless, I thank my boyfriend for always being there and caring for me everyday too <3
Featured in this photo is the Foret Noel cherry cake and Japanese Sencha from @duo_patisserie
Friday is always Taco Bowl Day!
Good or bad, rain or shine; my workplace caters a variation of this every week. Mexican food is definitely the best next to Asian food.
Celebrating my friend's birthday at @scaddabush for some fresh mozzarella and pasta! Thanks again for accommodating us and surprising our birthday girl with a cake:)
Featured in this photo is one of their pasta favourites: Shrimp Spaghetti. It has a cream sauce base topped with lemon and garlic butter. I would say it's a pretty decent pasta but not super delicious either.

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